Gas properties from Herschel FIR spectroscopy

I’ve had a great time studying how far-infrared (FIR) lines probe interstellar gas properties. This week, I attended the 69th Dutch Astronomy Conference, held in Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands. I presented a poster based on the latest work from my next … Read more

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Gas and dust in nearby edge-on spiral NGC 891

Here’s a sneak preview of my recent results on NGC 891. Next week, I am participating in The Universe Explored By Herschel symposium, held at ESA-ESTEC in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. The program, focusing on the scientific breakthroughs based on Herschel … Read more

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Vanishing September

Time waits for no man – especially true of this last month. When I started this blog back in July, my original aims were to blog about (1) astronomy, ✔ (2) computing, ✔ (3) and the daily life of a … Read more

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Creating figures from FITS images with APLpy

The Python module APLpy is a great tool for plotting professional-looking astro images. Short for Astronomical Plotting Library in Python, APLpy aims to produce publication-quality plots of astronomical images in FITS file format. As I’ve been using it a lot … Read more

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