Observing at APEX (Run #1)

In December, I spent a week collecting photons with the Atacama Pathfinder EXperiment. As a co-investigator on an approved proposal, I volunteered to join a small team of four astronomers that would use APEX during the scheduled Chilean observing time … Read more

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How to Move Institutes in Five Easy Steps

I’m finally back to work after moving from Belgium to Chile. I’m thrilled to start a new position as an ALMA-CONYCIT research associate at the Universidad de Valparaiso. Even with the help of past experience, this time moving countries took … Read more

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IC 2531 imaged with Faulkes Telescope

New data taken by schools will help us better understand dust in galaxies. Edge-on spiral galaxies like IC 2531 are used by astronomers to study a lot of interesting properties as they offer us the best opportunity to determine the … Read more

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The Saturn system imaged by Cassini

Just a quick post to highlight the beautiful images of Saturn from Cassini. NASA’s Cassini spacecraft used Saturn itself to eclipse the light from the Sun and obtain some stunning mosaics of Saturn’s rings and moons, plus other planets including … Read more

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Gas and dust in nearby edge-on spiral NGC 891

Here’s a sneak preview of my recent results on NGC 891. Next week, I am participating in The Universe Explored By Herschel symposium, held at ESA-ESTEC in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. The program, focusing on the scientific breakthroughs based on Herschel … Read more

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Creating figures from FITS images with APLpy

The Python module APLpy is a great tool for plotting professional-looking astro images. Short for Astronomical Plotting Library in Python, APLpy aims to produce publication-quality plots of astronomical images in FITS file format. As I’ve been using it a lot … Read more

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Hello world!

  Just writing a quick post – my first post – to say hello! I’m going to start blogging on a weekly basis about astronomy, computing, the daily life of a postdoc, and some stories of my travels. I hope … Read more

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