Galaxies in 3D across the Universe

Nearby galaxy studies are increasingly shifting from using global, integrated measurements to spatially-resolved observations available thanks to technological improvements in IFU 3D-spectroscopy and radio interferometry. We’re into the second day of the IAU Symposium 309, Galaxies in 3D across the Universe, which has been discussing the efforts to exploit these advancements and map a plethora of galaxy properties for a large range and quantity of nearby galaxies, and the push to the higher redshift Universe. It’s been very interesting so far, with a nice program of talks, and many beautiful maps of spectroscopically-derived properties. Check out, for example, the lovely composite image from the CALIFA team.

It’s my first time I’m presenting two posters at a conference. One is presenting the analysis of the Herschel FIR spectroscopy of NGC 891, with the paper nearing completion for submission to the journal. The other paper is advertising ongoing efforts to derive metallicity gradients for galaxies in the Herschel Reference Survey, using VLT/FORS2 observations. I’m part way through the data reduction and hope to make significant progress by the fall.

You can get a pdf copy of the poster by clicking the image below.

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