MethylCal: Results presented in Switzerland

My new data analysis tool has been helping produce science results! I recently blogged about writing the MethylCal program to aid the analysis of experiments in epigenetics, where studies are designed to shed light on the various intrinsic or environmental … Read more

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Vanishing September

Time waits for no man – especially true of this last month. When I started this blog back in July, my original aims were to blog about (1) astronomy, ✔ (2) computing, ✔ (3) and the daily life of a … Read more

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Solutions to errors with APLpy show_regions()

Trying to display Ds9 region files on top of APLpy plots threw up two errors. Creating an aplpy.FITSFigure subplot using some standard code in a python script worked fine, until the line where the show_regions() call to pyregion encountered an … Read more

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