About me

Since a young age, I've been fascinated by science and the nature of our universe. Following this interest, I studied for a Masters degree in physics and astronomy at the University of Birmingham, and was later awarded a Ph.D. from Cardiff University for my research into the topic of galaxy evolution. Given clear skies and a telescope nearby, I also like to dabble in amateur astronomy and astrophotography.

galapagos sharks

Away from the desk, I try to keep a varied and challenging lifestyle.

I grab opportunities to go scuba diving whenever possible and love the thrill of different types of diving (wreck, wall, night diving, etc). I most enjoy diving on (and into!) shipwrecks, with seven penetration dives so far. I'm currently a PADI Rescue Diver. I also enjoy playing ice hockey - my old team was the Cardiff Redhawks (27 games, 2 points, 16 penalty minutes...!). Finally, I'm a keen traveller, making the most of an international lifestyle.

About the site

This website was adapted from a free web template available from Dream, after realising that my HTML/CSS/PHP knowledge was no longer up to current web standards! ;-) Most of the images on the site are my own, except for the galaxy images, which are products of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Take some time to explore the universe around us by using the navigate tool found here.

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Address: Instituto de Física y Astronomía
         Universidad de Valparaíso
         Av. Gran Bretaña 1111
         Valparaíso, Chile


Telephone: +56 9 9901 3258
FAX: +56 32 2508230
Skype: txhughes
E-mail: thomas.hughes (at) uv.cl