Welcome to the homepage of Tom Hughes (舒大同).

I'm a postdoctoral researcher in extragalactic astronomy, currently based at the Institute of Physics and Astronomy
of the University of Valparaiso.

Here you will find information about myself, research interests and public outreach activities.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

space cowboy

Latest Posts

MethylCal: Results published in FASEB Journal | posted on 18/08/2017

New results from our interdisciplinary work are now online. The recently published article, entitled “Transcriptomic and epigenetic regulation of disuse atrophy and return to activity in skeletal muscle“, by Dr. Andrew Fisher, Dr. Robert Seaborne, et al., investigates the transcriptome … Read more

Award of the China-Chile Fellowship | posted on 01/08/2017

I am truly honoured to have been awarded the China-Chile Fellowship. This joint fellowship award from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT) of Chile grants me numerous, exciting opportunities to … Read more

Observing at APEX (Run #2) | posted on 01/06/2017

Check out these 360 degree views of the APEX site on Chajnantor Plataeu! I took the images during my second observing run at APEX using the Google Street View app for the iPhone. You basically have to stand on one … Read more

Recent News


ALMA Cycle 5 Results

- 27th July 2017

Our extragalactic group was awarded time for six out of eight proposals requesting ALMA time, with one of my projects receiving an A grade. A great result!

NAM 2017

UK National Astronomy Meeting

- 2nd-6th July 2017

I flew halfway around the world to visit Hull to attend the RAS national astronomy meeting, during which I presented a poster sumarising the VALES results.

MUSE target

VLT/MUSE proposal accepted

- 4th July 2017

I was awarded 25 hours of time during P100 to follow-up ALMA detected galaxies with MUSE..

apex observing

Observing run at APEX

- 12th-19th May 2017

My second time at APEX to observe projects for the Chilean community.

vales dust-to-gas ratio

VALES III paper on Arxiv

- 26th February 2017

Our third paper on the Valparaiso ALMA Line Emission Survey has been accepted for publication in MNRAS and is now available on arxiv.


ALMA data delivery

- 15th February 2017

I've received the first batch of Band 6 data from ALMA, which I will use to trace dust and gas in VALES galaxies.

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